Sumera Khan is a contemporary visual artist from Bruce County in Ontario, Canada.  She explores various complex and intense emotions through colorful expression in modern style.  There is an ironic juxtaposition in her works of some of the darker emotions such as sadness, depression and loneliness with the most vibrant colours to create interest and depth.  She believes in spreading awareness about the importance of mental health through her art.  This site provides information about workshops, exhibitions and artworks.

"There is peace even in the storm."

Vincent Van Gogh


My name is Sumera Khan and I graduated with an Honours BSc. degree in Visual Arts and Computer Science.  I have been a professional artist working out of my art studio in Bruce County since the summer of 2019.  I enjoy illustrating human emotions and highlighting the importance of mental health in my works.  More often than not, I like creating mixed media works that have texture for an added appeal to not only just sight but to touch as well.  Being a contemporary artist, I like to make artworks that challenge the norms of the traditional art.  My portraiture works generally don't make eye contact and/or are incomplete in many ways.  This approach of creating figures that are far from realism, is rooted in religious beliefs and a way to stay afar from traditional style of art.  I like pulling out stories from my life and using them as a narration to my pieces.  Every image depicts a character or an event in my life.  Since I recently stepped back into the art world, I am looking forward to sharing many stories through my works with anyone who believes that humans more than just skin deep.

unwinding for some and pure loneline.jpe




Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact Sumera Khan today.

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